How to Repair Leaky Perlick 525SS or 525PC Faucets

Perlick 525 forward seal faucets are great. The forward seal reduces sticking in the lever, reduces bacteria growth in the faucet, and generally offers a smoother pour than a standard faucet. Unfortunately, many owners of the 525 series faucets have experienced leaking, which has caused much frustration. Perlick offers a rebuild kit, but many users have reported that the rebuild kit only fixes things temporarily or sometimes the rebuild kit doesn’t resolve the problem at all.

I’ve rebuilt 6 Perlick faucets, three I bought new that leaked for me, and three more that I believe were leaking when I bought them second hand. None of them leak now. Here’s how to repair yours.

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Lambic. And yes, I’m calling it that. Deal with it. Part 1

Some people seem to think the only people who can call their beer “Lambic” are Belgian. They defend this stance by saying that they are the only ones using traditional processes like turbid mashing, or spontaneous fermentation. OK, well, why can’t a US brewer do the same thing and call it lambic? “Oh…uh…cuz the terroir, bro” Whatever. That doesn’t follow. You just heard Jean Van Roy interviewed one time and he’s protective of the term because his father was about the only reason lambic still exists. That’s fine. Jean Van Roy is a fantastic brewer and blender, and his father is a sour beer hero for saving lambic from extinction. None of that qualifies him to lay exclusive claim to the term lambic.

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Comparing Vienna Lager in the 2015 and 2008 BJCP Style guidelines.

I’m on a quest to perfect a Vienna Lager. It’s a style I love, and I think is a bit misunderstood. It’s also fairly difficult to find a good example of the style, so judging it can be difficult.

In preparation for entering the beer in several competitions I’m going to review the changes to the BJCP guidelines from the 2008 version to the 2015 version, and give a little commentary to hopefully dispel some of the common misunderstandings.

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