Mischief Wheat

Award Winning Hoppy American Wheat beer. This beer is incredibly hoppy, but not bitter. It’s a crowd pleaser that’s easy drinking and will be enjoyed by wheat beer fans and IPA fans alike. It’s best brewed at mash pH of 5.9-6.0 with extremely soft water. You can sub maris otter for Pale Ale Malt or Golden Promise or whatever your favorite flavorful base malt is. You can also sub out the hops for anything, just keep the additions similar in IBU and keep them all late. If you use a whirlpool, move all the additions into the whirlpool and whirlpool for 30 minutes.

Recipe Details

Batch Size Boil Time IBU SRM Est. OG Est. FG ABV
11 gal 60 min 33.49 4.72 1.051 sg 1.011 sg 5.23

Style Details

Name Cat. OG Range FG Range IBU SRM Carb ABV
American Wheat or Rye Beer 6 D 1.04 - 1.055 1.008 - 1.013 15 - 30 3 - 6 0 - 0 4 - 5.5 %


Name Amount %
Maris Otter Pale 9 lbs 50
White Wheat 9 lbs 50


Name Amount Time Use Form Alpha %
El Dorado 0.28 oz 60 min Boil Pellet 15
El Dorado 1.41 oz 10 min Boil Pellet 15
El Dorado 2.12 oz 5 min Boil Pellet 15
El Dorado 2.12 oz 0 min Boil Pellet 15


Name Lab Attenuation Temperature
Dry English Ale Yeast WLP007 (WLP007) White Labs 78% 65°F - 70°F
TYB Vermont 0% 32°F - 32°F


Won the Crowd Pleaser award at Ocoee Fest 2013. ocoeefest.com

Bringing it back in hopes of a repeat.

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