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Every brewer has constraints they have to work with. Boundaries that seem to get in the way.

In Bounds Brewing is about brewing within those boundaries, but getting a product that seems impossible given the constraints. In Bounds Brewing is about figuring out how to make your constraints work for you. In Bounds Brewing is about finding new methods and procedures to be creative. In Bounds Brewing is about doing experiments to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

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About the Author

My name is Dan Paris, I hang out on most of the internet including homebrewing sites as testingapril. My internet handle originated when I was “testing” an “april” fools joke one time years ago and needed a log in and it stuck.

I’m a BJCP certified judge, I’ve been homebrewing for about 6 years and although I enter competitions infrequently, I’ve won several medals and awards, for whatever that’s worth.

I brew on a 3-vessel 10 gallon eKeggle system that uses a rectangle mash tun. I typically use a mash-in-a-bag bag in the cooler to prevent stuck sparges.  My brew system has one chugger pump and a Duda Diesel B3-23A 20 plate chiller. I ferment in Better Bottles or one of the many types of clones. I keg my beer in pin-lock kegs and serve out of a 6 tap keezer I built.

I build pretty much everything I brew with or use with brewing as I find DIY one of the most fun aspects of the hobby, which is why “How-to’s” make up a lot of the articles here.

I love talking about brewing, DIY, judging, competitions and just about anything beer related. Send me a message if you want to chat, have me fill out a BJCP sheet for your beer, or otherwise have questions. Cheers!

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